Innovation with Kao Data

E-TEC has been working alongside one of the most innovative data centres in the UK – Kao Data. The Harlow based operator specialises in providing hyperscale facilities for big data-producing companies and life sciences-related organisations who need architecture specialised for advanced, high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) deployments.

Kao Data are in the midst of a multi-year build-out of its data centre campus. E-TEC has installed and commissioned the BMS / PMS equipment to offer in one SCADA all the required monitoring for the first of four planned data centres on the campus. Kao Data has opted to deploy – amongst a range of cooling options, a free-air, indirect evaporative cooling (IEC) system within a significant part of their first data centre (KLON-01) – reportedly the first time such technology has been set live in a UK wholesale colocation facility.

E-TEC is proud to work for world-class clients where quality, excellence and innovations are paramount. Our engineers work tirelessly to guarantee that our Ignition SCADA system empowers the data centre to easily control all processes, and track, display and analyse all data, without limits.