Generator in Canopy
We have a division dedicated to supplying fully automated, back up power solutions throughout Europe. We can also assist you in your planning and build requirements to meet environmental impact and compliance specification.These products can be supplied as stand alone additions to your current installation or as part of a new build.

Generator Specification

Open Sets Built to specification and for use in a building. These generators are installed to meet sound, exhaust and full environmental specifications.
Canopied Sets Fully weatherproofed enclosures soundproofed to comply with environmental legislation.
Containerised Generators housed in self contained stand alone containers, weather proofed and sound proofed as per requirements. Various features can be custom fitted or adjusted as required, such as access doors, internal fuel tank, fuel fill point etc. E-TEC also specialise in providing integrated generator, UPS, changeover and distribution solutions in compartmentalised containers.

Our Range