E-TEC reflects on successful Electro Exhibition

On 8, 9 & 10 December 2009, the annual Electrical Trade Fair was held in Hardenberg, in the Netherlands, and this year had E-TEC as one of the exhibitors. Our aim was to present E-TEC as it is today in what was its 10th anniversary year, and to make contact with potential new clients for the future. To this end we had a strong presence with Frans, Bram, Jeroen & Daniƫlle all there for the full three days, and they reported it to have been a very worthwhile experience having met and spoken at length with some very interesting people.

As ever meeting people is just the first step, one which is then followed in the traditional E-TEC way by a process of building and nurturing relationships, as we know from experience that no two companies or their requirements are ever exactly the same, and so rarely is our approach to serving them ever the same. Meeting people in the informal environment of the exhibition, and listening to stories of the different challenges people face is a great help in knowing how to serve our clients new and old in the best possible way, and so we take with us the new contacts and knowledge gained and work our way forward!