For NetShelter® SX

The Vertical Exhaust Duct (VED) System is a low cost easy to install solution that mounts to the top rear of NetShelter enclosures to capture and return hot exhaust air to perimeter cooling systems. Capable of supporting heat loads from 2 to 20+ kW per enclosure.

Kit Includes:

  • Vertical Exhaust Duct
  • Enclosure roof with large rear opening
  • Sealing kit for rear door gaps
  • Rack Base Air Isolation panels for blocking airflow under the enclosure
  • Rear door solid panels


  • Contains hot air and improves CRAC efficiency through higher return temperatures
  • Reduces dependence on strategic floor tile placement
  • Allows for maximum efficiency when used with air economizer systems such as Schneider Electric’s EcoBreeze™


  • Balancing air flow in plenum to ensure even pressures at each duct
  • Variable density enclosures in same row may reduce lower density efficiency
  • Cable congestion in the rear of the enclosure can inhibit airflow