For Medium to Large Data Center Environments

  • InRow OA, Overhead – 27 kW
  • InRow RA, 300 mm – 31kW
  • Refrigerant Distribution Unit (RDU) – 160 kW

InRow OA + RDU:

The InRow OA is an overhead refrigerant based cooling system that provides up to 27kW of cooling directly to IT Equipment. A zero white space solution that provides the option of mounting on the rack or suspend from the ceiling. Ideal for high density environments, the InRow OA integrates thermal containment for maximum energy efficiency.

InRow RA + RDU:

The InRow RA is a floor mounted refrigerant based cooling system that provides up to 31kW of cooling directly to IT Equipment. The product design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load. This design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay as you grow environment.

The refrigerant used in this modular, pumped refrigerant system is R134a. R134a is a non-toxic refrigerant that poses no threat to IT equipment in the event of a leak, and has no Ozone depletion potential.

A Refrigerant Distribution Unit (RDU) is required with the deployment of an In Row OA or InRow RA unit. Each RDU can support multiple OA/RA units, with a maximum capacity of 160kW. The RDU connects to a chilled water system and exchanges heat between the chilled water and R134a refrigerant. The RDU may be placed outside the datacenter, thus saving valuable data center floor space.